Join the Clover Choir and make someone's lockdown birthday even more special!


So what's it all about?

Lockdown affects people in different ways. Some people are loving it, and some... not so much. It can be especially hard if it's your birthday and your plans have gone flying out of the window. Well, for those children who are having their birthday during lockdown and are feeling annoyed about it, we've made a song to cheer them up.

And now we need YOUR help!

We're putting together an online choir, with as many people as we can, to send us a video of them singing the song, which we will combine together to make a brilliant, fun video to put a smile on the face of anyone celebrating a lockdown birthday. The video above explains it in more detail.

All you need to do is download the audio file, download the lyrics, and record yourself singing along to the song. We want to hear YOU and not the recorded song, so ideally have it playing either in headphones or far away from your camera microphone!

Once you're happy with the recording, upload it using the form below. We'll be using it to put together a single video of the Clover Choir containing everyone!

Then keep your eyes on our Facebook page, and when the video is live, share it with anyone who's had, or will have, a birthday during lockdown.

Upload your song here

How to get involved

1) Download the audio file here (MP3)

2) Download the lyrics here (PDF)

3) Record yourself singing along to the song. Use landscape mode (that is, hold your phone sideways, not upright)

4) Upload the video using the form below