Reviews of A Knight Named Clover


From Amazon

"I picked up a hard copy of this book and intended to read the first couple of pages to see if I should buy it for my niece. I honestly couldn't put id down till I'd finished it!"

Alan B

"I get really cross with people that write in rhyme but have little understanding of either timing or fitting the right number of syllables in a couplet! No such problem with this little gem. A Knight Named Clover has an easy rhythm to follow which made reading it a pleasure for both me and my daughter. The right sort of humour, and a great heroine in Clover which puts you in mind of Brave's Merida, and is a great role model for independence. Well worth a look, and I'm looking forward to seeing what Clover might achieve in the future!"

David L

From Facebook

"My daughter loved it! A big fan of the dragon, it’s a great and easy read thanks to the word play and rhyming."

Mike S

"Incredibly quick and easy ordering process! The book is great quality and story is beautifully pictured. Thank you for making my Halloween so special."

Simon P

"It’s amazeballs. Wowzers trousers!"

Mark W

"Fab book with a fab message!"

Ruth R

And nothing can beat this little beauty (No relation, I promise)!

She's saying, "I love that book. I love dragons!"

Thanks Mummy of Three and a Pot of Tea!